Masterfully Crafted Barrels
for your Skillfully Created Wines

bourgogne-trad.pngHeritage Barrels is a manufacturer and distributor of the world’s finest wine barrels.  As master coopers with a long history of experience, craftsmanship and excellence, Heritage offers the finest in oak and concrete barrels – perfectly matched to the needs of the most respected winemakers. 

In addition to our own Heritage Barrels, we offer fine, traditionally-crafted French oak barrels from Vallaurine and Giraud. Heritage also distributes concrete wine tanks from Vino Vessel. These tanks breathe like oak without imparting oak character to the wine.

Heritage Barrels is also the exclusive distributor for Oenotan Sélection, the only water-soluble oak extract available for wine and spirits production. This 100% organic, preservative-free product enhances red, white and sweet wine, as well as port and dark spirits, by neutralizing "green" flavors, dry tannins from older cooperage and post-fermentation earthy aromas.

We invite you to explore this site and discover what makes our barrels the best available at any price.  We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.  The partnership between cooper and winemaker continues.


A Wide Selection of Barrels


The VALLAURINE cooperage is unique to the Rhône Valley. The ancestral savoir-faire has been carefully passed down for generations, striving to enrich the techniques and methods of fine craftsmanship, while paying close attention to the winemakers’ needs. Coopering barrels in the Burgundian or the Bordeaux style, 500L casks and demi-muids (590L). Fire bent and toasted over oak fueled braziers in the traditional methods, but following a technique developed by Claude Desrieux. Tanks and Foudres are also available from this one-of-a-kind cooperage.


For centuries, wines of distinction have been crafted through the union of perfectly seasoned wood and fine coopering. The same can be said between the cooper and the “merrandier éleveur” (wood steward). Giraud takes the same approach in producing artisanal barrels to client specifications and through attention to detail. Although now considered a “modern concept”, this type of association has been around for generations in Cognac, where the négociant supplies his seasoned wood to an outside cooper for the production of his own barrels.


Once again, the relationship between merrandier éleveur and cooper allows us to develop a wine barrel of consistently high quality. Barrels are coopered one at a time to client specifications. The fact that we are a small company allows us to make barrels to customer specifications and also allows us to fine tune the cooperage with the style of our winemaking clients. The fact that we are an artisanal cooperage allows us to monitor the entire barrel making process, from early stave selections to coopering of the barrel. We work closely with our clients to craft barrels that are tailored to the desires of the winemaker.


Many of the world's finest wines are made in concrete tanks. Concrete fermenters have been used widely in Europe for many years. Concrete "breathes" like oak. It is semi-permeable which concentrates the wine, while gently diffusing oxygen without adding oak character. Concrete provides the benefits of oak and the efficiency of stainless while producing a fine wine. Today, some of the finest wines in America are being fermented and stored in concrete tanks.

Winemaking Supplies


Oenotan Sélection is the only water-soluble oak extract available for wine and spirits production. This 100 percent organic, preservative-free product enhances red, white and sweet wine, as well as port and dark spirits.  It can be used to bind pyrazines (green flavors), mask drying tannins from older cooperage and bind post-fermentation earthy aromas.