How will I be notified regarding my order?

We find that many of our clients prefer to use email to be notified about updates regarding their order. You can expect emails from us concerning barrel shipments, delivery quotes, and accounting needs.

How do I get a copy of your current price list?

You may view the price list here.

Do you accept payments in Euros?

At the time of placing your French Oak order, you have the option to choose if you prefer to pay the invoiced balance in Euros or US dollars. You can pay your EURO invoices by wire transfer of EUROS If you have questions regarding this process, feel free to reach out to our accounting team at (707) 598-3285 ext 3

How can I determine currency exchange rates?    

If you have selected to pay for your euro invoice in USD, our accounting team will convert your euro invoice to USD using the exchange rate on the date of barrel delivery.    

Our cooperages are able to service a larger number of wineries with custom barrel orders the earlier we receive, produce and deliver barrels.  By placing an early delivery order, you are not only getting a discount on your barrel order, but you are also getting the peace of mind that your barrels will arrive to your wine cellars early.

What is Early Order/Delivery Pricing?

At this time we do not require a minimum order from our clients.

What is the smallest quantity of barrels you sell?