Founded in 1885 by Moїse Desrieux, the Desrieux cooperage has evolved over four generations of master coopers at the service of the wines of the Rhône Valley. The ancestral savoir-faire has been carefully passed down from father to son for generations, always striving to enrich the techniques and methods of fine craftsmanship, while paying close attention to the winemakers’ needs of this region.

In June 2008, to continue the development of the Desrieux cooperage, Claude Desrieux decided to pass the torch to the Jaeglé Family. Another family with over four generations of experience and a strong heritage in the art of crafting barrels. In order to pursue the development of the enterprise, the time came to put the tools of the trade in line with the demands of our clientele. This allowed “the cooper of the Rhône Valley” to modernize the workshop while respecting it’s specific style of barrel making that complements the wines of the region.

In August 2008, the workshop located in Moras-en-Valloire, welcomed its new master cooper, a compagnon du Devoir, who had recently completed his tour of France and who has put his unique expertise at the service of the Jaeglé Family


The Moras workshop is henceforth called VALLAURINE. The name originates from the Latin Vallis Aurea, the Valley of Gold, La Valloire. The Jaeglé Family, who became enchanted with the Rhône Valley and its wines, wished to preserve the strong cultural and regional identity of the workforce and of their products, while at the same time bringing their own expertise in wood selection, quality craftsmanship and dependable service.

Today, the VALLAURINE cooperage is unique to the Rhône Valley. Coopering barrels in the Burgundian or the Bordeaux style, 500L casks and demi-muids (590L). Fire bent and toasted over oak fueled braziers in the traditional methods, but following a technique developed by Claude Desrieux.

Tanks and Foudres are also available from this one of a kind cooperage.

In order to respond to the requests of clients, the Vallaurine cooperage has created a new concept for its barrels; a concept born from observations and analysis of the wines from the Rhône Valley, although also applicable to wines throughout the world.


The same valley, bountiful wines of exceptional quality yet having diversity from one bank to the other.

It’s the abrupt nature of slopes, the eastern exposure, which gives vigor, body and depth to the vines of the Right Bank.

It’s the blossoming of the valley and the western exposure which nourishes the vines of the Left Bank with their delicate softness and floral aromas.

Rive Droite

  • Destined for wines of richness and complexity, which show bountifulpotential, at the same time showing finesse and elegance. 
  • Perfect for wines that will see between 12 and 24+ months of aging.

Rive Gauche

  • Preserves the finesse and fruit of the wine while bringing roundness and structure.
  • Ideal for wines that will be aged a shorter amount of time (6 to 12+ months)

The selection of wood:

To emphasize the true characteristics of each bank, we chose two distinctive forest regions while respecting three criteria: the soil, the climate and the genetic origin.

The conditions of seasoning:

Right Bank Barrel: Staves are seasoned at a site which receives the prevailing winds and meteorological conditions of Mediterranean type. The wood thus maintains a more assertive character.

Left Bank Barrel: Staves are seasoned in a wood yard which is less windy and also receives more rainfall. The resultant stave wood has softer tannins.